Gary Michaels Fine Jewelry proudly boasts New Jersey’s finest selection of loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings, and wedding bands. As a family owned company, we are committed to educating our customers about shopping for diamonds, and welcome any questions you may have.

The quality of a diamond is determined by four factors commonly known as the “4 Cs” — Carat weight, Clarity,Color, and Cut.  The first 3 Cs are quite straightforward. However, beware of “cut”! The difference between a “great” cut, a “good” cut, and a “bad” cut can be subtle to the untrained eye, but will make a huge difference in terms of the value and beauty of the stone.  An unscrupulous jeweler will sell you a heavy stone with superb clarity and color for an unbelievably low price and still make a substantial profit, if the 4th “C” — the cut — is inferior!


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