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    Join Gary Michaels Fine Jewelry for the BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR!

    At Gary Michaels Fine Jewelry, we are proud to announce yet again that the biggest sale of the year is now here- Our 2016 Half Off Sale! Starting Tuesday, July 26th and going till Sunday, July 31st, our customers, new and old will have the opportunity to take advantage of our signature Half-Off Everything* Sale! …

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    Getting to Know the Four C’s: Color

    After taking a closer look at Cut, Carat, and Clarity, the last of the Four C’s to examine is none other than Color. Color is probably the most straight-forward of the Four C’s. Just as the name implies, this C is used to evaluate the color quality of a diamond. But ironically, the quality of …

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  • diamond-clarity

    Getting to Know the Four C’s: Clarity

    In our minds, diamonds are crystal clear shards of radiant perfection. However, one must never forget that nothing in nature is perfect; not even diamonds. They are created deep within the earth, and are forged under extreme amounts of heat and pressure. This immensely powerful process leaves every natural diamond with its own set of …

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  • carat

    Getting to know the 4 C’s – Carat

    Everyone gets excited about carats. Nothing else gets the crowd going quite like hearing the carat weight of a diamond- especially in regards to the center stone of diamond engagement rings. Can you picture it? An entire living room filled with family and friends of the newly engaged– admiring a pristine engagement ring as it …

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  • diamond-cut

    Getting to Know the 4 C’s: Cut

    When shopping for diamonds, the cut, clarity, color, and carat (better known as the 4 C’s) stands as the consumers’ greatest tool for making an informed buying decision. Though many shoppers have been prudent enough to arm themselves with some general knowledge of the 4 C’s, merely defining each aspect barely scratches the surface of …

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    Holiday Savings At Gary Michaels

    The Holiday Season is upon us, and Gary Michaels Fine Jewelry invites you to celebrate with 2 huge savings events! From Friday, November 29th – Sunday, December 1st, Gary Michaels welcomes you to kick off the holiday shopping season with our Black Friday Weekend Specials! Get a head start on your holiday shopping; we’ve got …

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  • 50% Off Sale On Designer Jewelry In New Jersey

    For a limited time only, we’re offering up to 50% off almost everything in our store! The year’s best sale includes: watches, loose diamonds, gold, cultured pearls, precious and semi precious stones, and everything in between. Click here to browse our web specials, or visit our store to shop our full selection. Valid through August 4th. …

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  • thruloupe

    Not All Diamonds Are Created Equal

    It is no secret that diamonds are a significant investment. To get the most out of your dollar, you have to at least know some basics. You may already recognize the 4 C’s to consider when comparing diamond quality, but are you familiar with the discrepancies between diamond grading labs?  As a society, the only …

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    Truly One Of A Kind

    Whether you are a man preparing to propose to the love of your life, or a woman searching for something that matches your uniquely elegant style, nothing compares to finding the perfect piece of jewelry for the special occasion. You may find yourself rummaging through countless shelves of jewelry; coming close at times, but never …

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    Buying A Diamond – Tips And Best Practices

    Purchasing a piece of diamond jewelry is considered to be an exciting and major purchase for many people. Like with most major purchases, buyers should arm themselves with the necessary knowledge to make an educated purchase before making that final step to buy. Take buying a new car for example. Today, people rely less on …

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